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Affordable Furnace repair and installation

 How does furnace work

Some furnaces use natural gas to generate the heat. There are two airflow systems in a furnace. One airflow draws air into the burner assembly where it heats air. The air in that area is sent away from the home to prevent contamination. A separate airflow sends air past the heated area and into the home. It is here that a cycle of air is conducted as a separate vent pulls out rising air to keep the home well ventilated. 

What can go wrong with furnace


The thermostat controls the heat of the home. Once the thermostat reaches a certain degree, it will signal the furnace to cut off. When heat is needed, it signals on. If there is an issue with the thermostat, the entire system can be affected. Having a thermostat placed in the wrong area of a house can create problems. For instance, if your thermostat is receiving direct sunlight this can make the thermostat cut off while the home is still cool. If the thermostat is on an outer wall, you can expect a home with differing temperatures. Place a thermostat in a central location, away from windows.


Problems with ignition can be technical. Motors and switches can be the reason why your furnace is not working properly. Do not attempt to fix these without a professional.

If the igniter is not working, 911 Air can test it to see if it is faulty. The electrical currents are key to having a well-functioning furnace. Sometimes, parts can simply be cleaned to increase heat. Other times, a small part can be replaced instead of replacing an entire unit. Having the expert experience to know which will save you time and money.

Air Circulation

  • Check and replace air filters monthly.
  • Check blower fan speed.
  • Noise can be a cause of loose motor parts. Tightening screws or replacing parts can fix this problem.

If air filtration is affected, safety switches can shut off your furnace. It is important to know where the issue is and trying to fix it on your own can be very dangerous.

Furnace Replacement

Since furnaces can have serious problems when installed improperly, it is best left to an expert. Your furnace:

  • Needs to be in a well-ventilated area
  • Away from any water (if in a basement prone to flood)
  • Attached to proper ductwork
  • All motors, coils, and electrical parts diagnosed and tested
  • Should be maintained regularly to avoid complications

Contact 911 Air today for a free consultation and leave it to us to increase your energy efficiency and heating needs.

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